Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Gone by Michael Grant

This is the first book in the Gone series by Michael Grant and I have to say this first book was amazing and nothing of what I was expecting.

This is not the greatest cover in the world... I mean they are just two people staring dramaticaly towards who knows what. Maybe a person behind the camera, a puppy or maybe just a wall. Who knows? Still the book it's great and even though we all do it just don't judge a book by it's cover.

This is just a normal town with (in the mayority) normal children until one day all people of 15 and older disapear. POOF everyone just goes. No one knows what is happening and the bullies take control over everyone. But not only did the adults disapear, the animals are muttating and the children are developing powers, this is mainly the story of what these children do with this kind of situation.

I loved it, like idk how will I react or do if I were in their shoes. Obviously I wouldn't take the iniciative but I'll still like to help some. These characters are so cool and brave compared to me and I can't wait to know what happens.

Tbh I just found this review halfways so I decided to complete it with the information that I remember which I have to be honest it's not that much, so sorry for this short review.

Hello again...

Well I just went and read my blog and saw that my last post was last year... Now 2015 is almost over and I have to admit that this has been so far a wonderful yet stressing and kind of lonley year. I have just read 4 books so far in the whole 10 months of 2015 and it's really embarassing.

My main reason of why I haven't been reading is that I have just found a new thing that has taken out most of my time and that's kdramas and some kpop. It's like a whole new world! Now I've decided to come back into the reading world and more since new and interesting books are comming/ have come out.

Anyways I wanted to post again and promise that I'll do the reviews for the books I've read and the ones I'll read soon. It's more a promise to myself but still I'll try to keep it. Now I'm going to go and keep reading :)