Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Hello again...

Well I just went and read my blog and saw that my last post was last year... Now 2015 is almost over and I have to admit that this has been so far a wonderful yet stressing and kind of lonley year. I have just read 4 books so far in the whole 10 months of 2015 and it's really embarassing.

My main reason of why I haven't been reading is that I have just found a new thing that has taken out most of my time and that's kdramas and some kpop. It's like a whole new world! Now I've decided to come back into the reading world and more since new and interesting books are comming/ have come out.

Anyways I wanted to post again and promise that I'll do the reviews for the books I've read and the ones I'll read soon. It's more a promise to myself but still I'll try to keep it. Now I'm going to go and keep reading :)

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