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The Blood Of Olympus

The Blood Of Olympus by Rick Riordan (Book #5)

ALERT: This is the fifth book in the Heroes of Olympus series so there will be spoilers but you should know that this series is awesome and one of my favorite series in the world.

So in The House Of Hades we were left with our beautiful 8 demigods (yeah i'm including Nico) leaving the doors of death, with our main characters Percy and Annabeth a little crazy after their time in Tartarus and who wouldn't be? Anyways Leo has now met Calypso and wants to get back to her. And they have to figure out a way to beat Gaea the godess of the earth otherwise she would kill everyone but yeah no big deal.

The Begining:
At first I was kind of disapointed by the fact that Percy didn't have a POV, like come on Uncle Rick this is the last book you can't do this to us!!
It got a little better when i noticed that Nico and Leo talked, they are 2 o my favorite characters btw, also I was taken by surprise whe I discovered that Reyna also talked and man she is great. I really liked her parts, not as much as Nico's or Leo's but they were still great.

Jason, I have had some problems with him but most of the time i like him. It's just that everyone including him always say that he is very strong but like most of the time he is knocked down or unconcious and well that dosen't give him time to impress me, but still i really liked that he even addmits it at some point in the book and also Percy tells him. I really liked that he overcame that struggle he had with his mom and that he magicaly survived that stab in the back that he got at Ithaca.

Piper, i really don't have a problem with her, I think she is great and a strong independent woman also beautiful. She was verry strong in this book and she even got some nursury time with Jason, her dagger didn't really helped that much but still I think that dagger is awesome. I don't think she struguled as much as other characters in this book so I think that maybe she could have been replaced by other character like PERCY.

Leo, I jusgt freaking love him okay, I was really concerned for him while reading this book and mainly because I knew he was the one who was going to sacrifice himself in order to defeat Gaea. I loved that part when he and Percy bond and the talk about Calypso. There was a part when he thought that he needed to make joks and specially when he didn't feel like it and that part just hit me hard. Like making jokes is his way of not showing that he was scared and all. I just wish that he would have returnedto camp Half-Blood just so that everyone knew that he was alive and maybe he could have taken Calypso with him and he could have introduce her to everyone and I think that would have been a better ending (Just my opinion though).

Nico, This was the first time that he had a POV in like ever so I was really exited to get into his mind. I think that it was great and necesary that he and Reyna bond, with this and the quest I think that Nico develop alot more than in the other books. His powers are so cool and a little creepy but more cool. I kind of wish that i could do the same things he does but without the banishing thing. One of my favorite parts with him was almost at the end when he told Percy that he used to have a crush on him, I was laughing at loud so hard. Also I wasn't expecting that he and Will would become such good friends at the end. Anyway it's great that he decided to stay at camp Half-Blood where he is surounded by friends and people that care about him.

Reyna, At the begining of the series I just didn't pay that muxh attention to her but with this book I've come to really like her. Her story with her dad almost made me cry. She is really brave and she's also hella smary. I really like that she wanted to protect Nico, which I think it's great and mostly because I think that Reyna and Nico are verry much a like, I know this sounds crazy but they do have many things in comon, I don't think she needs to be in a relationship in order to be happy.

Percy & Annabeth, I wish that we knew more about them, like sure i'm happy that they will go to collage and all that stuff but I think that this whole that we, as devoting readers and fans of the books. were expecting was created from the very start of this book since we don't get to see what they think and like when they get reunited with their parents or maybe even with what they are going through because they just got out of freaking tartarus! Anyway I love them and will always do,

Hazel & Frank, They were treated like they were background characters, they were just there in this book which I hate because they had so much potential and stuff we didn't know what happen to those things. Like I want to know what happened with Frank's family when he visited them, or what happened with his wood stick?

Favorite parts:

  • I've got to admit my favorite part was when they where with Nike, and how they invoked her with the Adidas promoting. That was just hilarious, there was also a Hunger Games reference wich I as a fan really apriciated.
  • My second favorite part was when all 7 demigods are fighting against the giants and then the gods descend from the sky and every god is helping their child. That moment was just pure gold, I just kind of wish that we could have seen what Posidon or Athena told to their children.
  • Also that part with Kym and the action figures was very funny and the giant yelling no!! no merchendise! That made my whole week.

I gave this book a 4/5 mostly because it slacked more answers and percabeth but the writting style was awesome as always and I really enjoyed this book. I have to say that I wasn't that disapointed as many people because before I read the book people were saying that they didn't like that much this book and a lot of bad things so my expectations weren't that high. I love this series and I think I will re-read them all some day and still love them. 

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  1. Holis!! Te comento en español porque realmente el inglés no es lo mio xd
    Vamos a Fangilear un poquito!! Realmente este es el libro en el que haya aparecido Percy que menos me ha gustado ha bajado mucho el listón.
    SIGO INDIGNADA PORQUE NI PERCY NI ANNABETH HAYAN NARRADO NI UN SOLO CAPITULO!!!! Aunque he amado que Nico haya narrado (Mi niño bonito <33) Reyna no me ha importado mucho pero me ha gustado.
    Lo que si que no me ha gustado ha sido que te ponia un momento de peligro y lo terminaba en esos mismos cuatro capitulos de ese personaje no parecia mucho él, siempre nos ha saltado a otro momento narrando otro personaje para mantener la intriga... y esta vez no eso como que ha hecho que no me enganche tanto como con otros.
    Creo que me extendido mucho :D

    Un beso <333